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Company Profile

Semi Automatic processes are carried out by us to manufacture a range of Veterinary Products. We, Leo Bio-Care Pvt. Ltd. are considered as one of the leading Manufacturers And Suppliers of Feed Supplements, Anthelmintics and Antibiotics.

Key Facts of Leo Bio-Care Pvt. Ltd.-

Business Type

Manufacturer, Supplier of Veterinary medicines, veterinary feed supplements.

Primary Competitive Advantages

  • Adherence to established quality standards
  • Combination of quality, reliability, and integrity
  • Good understanding of market trends and requirements
  • Prompt deliveries
  • Customer satisfaction

Year of Establishment


Product Range

Feed Supplements

  • Calcilot  (Liquid Supplement Of Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3 & B12)
  • Leosol (Providing A, D3, E, B12 Vitamins For Livestock And Poultry)
  • Liv.Well (Liquid Feed Supplement For Livestock And Poultry)
  • Neuroplex (Multi Vitamin Liquid Feed Supplement For Livestock And Poultry)
  • Toxanil (For Hepata Protective And Nutritional Liver Supplement)
  • Max.Min (Complete Mineral Feed Supplement)
  • Leoplex-Ec (A Unique Combination Of Highly Concentrated Essential Aminoacids, Toxin Binders, Stress Releavers, B-Complex Vitamins Fortified With Inositol, Biotin, Vitamin A, D3, E & C.)
  • Lactocal (Oral Calcium With Vitamin A, D3, & B12 Supplement For Livestock And Poultry.)
  • Bio-Cal (Liquid Feed Supplement Of Calcium, Phosphorus Vitamind3, & B12 Enriched With Herbal Extracts.)
  • Leolyte (Electrolyte Concentrate)
  • Leoplex-Ec (Providing A, D3, E, B12 Vitamins And Amino Acids For Livestock And Poultry)
  • Neuroplex-Forte (Multi Vitamin Powder Feed Supplement For Livestock And Poultry)
  • Doxymycin (Doxycycline & Neomycin Powder Feed Supplement For Livestock And Poultry)
  • Leoferrol (Iron & Multi Vitamin Liquid Feed Supplement For Livestock And Poultry)
  • Bovidol (Malt Based Vitamins, Minerals And Calcium Supplement)


  • Megazole (Albendazole Suspension & Powder & Tablets)
  • Fenbonex (Fenbendazole Suspension & Powder & Tablets)
  • L V M-30  (Levamisole Hcl Powder )
  • Flokxy-L (Oxyclozanide & Levamisole Hcl Suspension)
  • Flokxy-L (Oxyclozanide & Levamisole Hcl Double Strength Suspension)
  • Rxl (Rafoxanide & Levamisole Hcl Suspension)
  • Rxl Plus (Rafoxanide & Levamisole Hcl Double Strength Suspension)
  • Ulborox (Rafoxanide & Albendazole Suspension)
  • Hattrik (Triclabendazole Suspension)
  • Hattrik-L (Triclabendazole & Levamisole Hcl)
  • Himectin-T (Triclabendazole & Ivermectin)
  • Distomar Powder & Tablets (Niclosamide)
  • Fenbonex Plus (Fenbendazole & Praziquantel)
  • Iverox (Rafoxanide & Ivermectin Suspension)
  • Himectin (Ivermectin Suspension)
  • Flokxy (Oxyclozanide Suspension)
  • Class (Closantel 15%W/V Solution)
  • Class-5 (Closantel 5%W/V Solution)
  • Blotonex (Anti Blot Suspension)
  • Niclobend (Niclosamide & Albendazole Suspension)


  • Megarox  (Enrofloxacin Oral Liquid And Tablets)
  • Megarox-Bh  (Enrofloxacin & Bromohexine Oral Liquid)
  • Leoxy (Oral Liquid & Tablets) ( Oxytetracyline Hcl)
  • S-Trim (Powder And Bolus) (Sulphadiazine & Trimethoprim)
  • Sulphadimidine B.P. (Vet) Bolus
  • Bactrol Vet (Powder & Tablets) (Ciprofloxacin & Tinidazole)
  • FURAMET-L BOLUS (Metronidazole, Furazolidone & Loperimide bolus)
  • FURA TABLETS ( Furazolidone 200 Mg. Tablets)
  • LEOXY-N (POWDER) (Neomycin & Oxytetracycline)
  • FOX (Pefloxacin Tablets)

We Deal In South India!